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Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Alteco Organic Coffee Beans 1kg

Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Alteco Organic Coffee Beans is an exquisite 100% certified organic coffee beans. The clever selection and combination of the finest origins give birth to a sweet and elegant espresso, from velvety cream and persistent aromas, with honey and dried fruits that leave room for a chocolate finish and spicy notes of bitter cocoa.

Lavazza source the precious organic coffee beans from coffee plants grow in harmony with nature, promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.


Lavazza presents its first organic product – La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Alteco Bio Coffee Beans, a truly elegant espresso, using a gently roasted blend of precious Arabica and Robusta from Central America and Africa.

Composition: 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta

Taste Notes: Balanced and an elegant espresso, with a lingering aroma, hints of honey, dried fruit and dark chocolate, finishing with a spiced note

Roasting Method: combining low and medium temperatures with longer timescales, roasting the beans homogeneously and generating the perfect mix of aroma, taste and body

Packaging: 1kg bag | 6kg per case

Alteco is packaged, stored and shipped according to UTZ standards on organic blends, so it provides consumers with 100% traceability.



Alteco means “altitude” in Esperanto, a language created to unite people. This coffee also unites, with everyone agreeing on the level of taste. The clever selection and combination of the finest origins lead to the emergence of a sweet and elegant espresso, with velvety-cream, lingering aromas, with scents of honey and dried fruit, leaving space for a dark cocoa finish and spiced notes.

Lavazza select coffee farmers that grow plants in harmony with nature, respecting environmental sustainability and the development of local communities. To ensure to achieve 100% organic, and preserve Alteco’s quality, any contact with beans which are not grown organically is also avoid.


Official Lavazza Distributor Ireland

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Hints of honey, dried fruit and dark chocolate, with spiced finish



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