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Lavazza Kafa Single Origin Coffee Beans 500g

Lavazza Kafa Coffee is a blend of single-origin Arabica from ancient Ethiopian Forest. The precious beans grow spontaneously with minimal intervention from the region’s inhabitants and carefully hand harvest and gentle roasted. It produces an Intense espresso, with floral notes for a unique sensory experience.

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A premium blend of single origin Arabica from the forest of Ethiopia, where the first coffee plants originated and the coffee grows spontaneously with minimal intervention from the region’s inhabitants. The harvest is carried out by hand after careful selection and the drying is done naturally in the sun.

Lavazza Kafa Single Origin Coffee Beans 500g offers you an original, exclusive and credible espresso bean, with very limited production.  It can create a unique customer experience and distinctive offering from your competitors.

  • Origin: 100% Arabica from Ethiopia, Kafa region rainforest biosphere reserve, where the story of arabica coffee begins. Over the centuries, around 5000 varieties of coffee have grown spontaneously in this region.
  • Award: Kafa has been acknowledged as biospherreserve” by Unesco, becoming part of the world’s heritage.
  • ProductKafa is a small region where coffee productivity per hectare is very low. The traditional methods of cultivation further restrict the availability of this coffee.
  • Roast: Gentle Roasting process with the traditional drum system *
  • Notes:  Intense floral bouquet with the aftertaste of honey, dates and ripe cherries

*The gentle roasting process ensures uniformity in the roasting, coffee beans are enveloped by hot air and roasted gently to preserve all the aromas.

Official Lavazza Distributor Ireland

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Floral, with taste note of honey, dates and ripe cherries



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