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Lavazza Blue Classy Compact and MilkEasy Frother

PLEASE NOTE: Lavazza Blue machines cannot be used with A Modo Mio capsules. Lavazza Blue capsules are to be used with this machine. Click here.
This bundle with the Lavazza new Classy Compact and Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Frother, offers exceptional barista quality coffee with a compact design and allows you to prepare many original recipes using coffee and fresh milk.

A touch Interface allows 3 different coffee selections, automatic and programmable. Choosing between a classic espresso or a long espresso is easier than ever, thanks to the adjustable two-heights cup rack.

The Lavazza Blue Classy Compact machine works exclusively with Lavazza Blue Capsules range. It is so small, so easy-to-use, perfect for the modern office and your kitchen.

Lavazza MilkEasy is a very compact yet powerful milk frother, ergonomically designed, practical and elegant, and it can fit perfectly in any kitchen space and incredibly easy to use.


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Product Description

Key Features

Lavazza Blue Classy Compact Coffee Machine

  • Touch Interface – 3 different coffee selections, automatic and programmable
  • Espresso- 30 seconds; Lungo – 45 seconds; Free dose
  • Transparent Tank – completely transparent, to easily check the water level. The machine signals when it is empty
  • Small/Large Cup Rack – adjustable to two heights for classic espresso or long espresso
  • Large Used Capsule Collection Tray – Easy to remove and to clean, it can hold up to 9 used capsules. The machine signals when it needs to be emptied
  • Semi-automatic ejection of used capsules
  • Waster Drawer 9 capsules
  • No plumbing required
  • Machine-Ready Time – 20 seconds

Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Frother


The single multifunctional, backlit button switches the machine on and off, and lets you make all kinds of milky coffees:

  • Cappuccino – for warm frothed milk, click once.
  • Caffè Latte – for warm blended milk, click twice. .
  • Cold Froth – for cold, frothy milk for milkshakes or iced coffee recipes, or just to cool down your breakfast latte so you can drink it at speed, press and hold for 3 seconds.


Cleverly, the inside is embossed so the internal markings will never fade away:

  • MILK – Will turn 180ml of cold milk into warm, blended milk ideal for a caffè latte or hot chocolate.
  • FOAM – Turns 120ml of cold milk into frothed, heated milk for cappuccino.
  • MIN – The least amount of milk you can add without the machine overheating (60ml).

For best results, Lavazza recommends using cold milk straight from the fridge.


Fill to the FOAM level marker inside with water, replace the lid and press the button once. The MilkEasy will beep twice to tell you it’s finished. And of course, if you prefer, you can just lift out the magnetic whisk and sponge clean the non-stick interior.

The frother whisk and lid are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

*the frothing result may vary from different brands and types of milk used, the protein content in the milk is the main factor on the amount of foam produced.

For more information go to our FAQ page.

Technical Features

Works with Lavazza Blue Capsules


Ejection of used capsules


Illuminated Button


Coffee brewing

Programmable Buttons – Espresso (30ml), Espresso Lungo (45ml) and Free Dose

Water tank capacity

0,9 L

Used capsules container capacity

max 9 capsules

Cup Rack adjustable to 2 heights


Programmable Eco-mode energy saving after 10sec.




Low energy Bluetooth technology




Display of number of brewed coffees


Semi-automatic ejection of used capsules in used capsule tray


Used capsule tray absence warning



220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Cable’s length (with italian plug)


Britta filter predisposition


Dimensions (LxHxW)


Weight (kg)


Nominal Power

1455 W

Lavazza Coffee Machine Care

Taking care of Lavazza Blue Classy Compact  machine is easy, you will need to conduct regular cleaning, such as empty and clean water tank, empty and rinse the capsule drawer (for most of the Lavazza coffee machine models, any removable parts are dishwasher safe).

Also, periodic descaling of your coffee machine is essential to lengthen the life of your coffee machine, and also ensure the coffee always taste fresh.

Lavazza recommends use Lavazza Descaler and follow the manufacture instruction (step by step cleaning and descaling video can be found in the Product Video section above). Repeat the treatment every three months, ideally, but it depends on your local water hardness as well as the usage. For the machines which come with build-in descale warning light, then descale is required when the warning light is flashing.

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