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Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made pursuant to the modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps Vero Coffee Company has taken and will continue to take, to ensure the detection and prevention of slavery and human trafficking within the business and its supply chain.

Business Overview

Vero Coffee Company is a medium sized business based in Ireland with a head office in Dublin.

We are predominantly a retailer of Lavazza and Molinari coffee, tea, hot chocolate, confectionary, as well as ceramics and equipment lines to support the core categories.

Supply Chain: Our primary direct supply base is predominantly situated in Italy, where we source our Lavazza coffee and coffee machines. However, we also engage with Irish suppliers for ceramics and equipment. Our indirect supply network spans the globe, encompassing ingredients from various origins, such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Asia, Central America, Africa, and Indonesia. This diverse supply chain ensures a rich and varied range of products for our customers.

Risk Assessment: In the realm of ethical responsibility, Vero Coffee Company acknowledges the challenging issue of modern slavery, which often remains concealed or difficult to identify. Given our extensive global procurement of raw ingredients, particularly from developing regions, we are keenly aware of the potential risks associated with this matter. Therefore, our primary focus revolves around the ongoing assessment and prevention of modern slavery within our supply chain.

Governance: At Vero Coffee Company, our CEO assumes ultimate accountability for monitoring human rights risks and implementing necessary mitigation measures. We have existing measures in place designed to safeguard food safety and integrity, which inherently align with our commitment to address modern slavery.

To date, we are pleased to report that we have not identified any instances of modern slavery, human trafficking, or any other human rights abuses within our supply chain or in connection with our retail operations. However, our commitment to vigilance remains unwavering, and we pledge to adopt a rigorous due diligence approach when engaging with new suppliers, ensuring that they share our steadfast values, similar to those upheld by Vero Coffee Company.

Our enduring goal is to conduct our business operations ethically, responsibly, and in a manner that prioritizes human rights, leaving a positive impact on both our industry and the world at large.


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